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Live Music, Events & Performers Guide

From live music & karaoke to Quiz nights and Bingo, we’ve got the lot for both residents and Tourists to never again miss a great night out

Bars, Restaurants & Nightlife Guide

From Exclusive Fine Dining to the essential Kebab at the end of a party night out, from the cocktail bars in the Marina to Eurobar cheap & cheerful it’s all here for you in

Local Information & Attractions Guide

Whether visiting the town on business or vacation, coming over for the Golf or already live here, we have all the information you need to make the every moment of spare time into a great time.

  • Guide to Local events, gigs, karaoke, quiz nights, Bingo & more

  • Guide to Local bars, clubs, nightlife, restaurants, hotels, shops & services

  • Local information for residents & visitors to easily navigate the area

  • Local printed WOWmundo Guides available from bars, hotels & retailers

  • WOWmundo TV channel featuring local events, gigs & festivals

  • Customer reviews, videos & images for each listed local business & place

  • WOW Social media network for site users to invite friends to come along

  • Part of promoting local businesses worldwide

Both performers and venue owners face the problem of promoting each event, gig or performance to ensure maximum audience every time

TripAdvisor has no events and is susceptible to biased reviews

Facebook relies upon groups and public pages, so not as reliable.

Radio & Local Press are expensive media to use regularly

Local “What’s On” sites are often well managed, but remain local not only provides all the events and local information required to provide users with an informed choice, but also promotes local gigs and events worldwide through

Totally FREE Business Listing Forever

One of the Unique and exceptional advantages of and all the WOWlocal sites around the globe (ie: is that all registered businesses are listed Totally Free of Charge Forever, so our users have the greatest choice available anywhere in the world when seeking a day out with family, a great meal, a night at the movies or enjoying an evening of live music or karaoke.

FREE DIRECTORY LISTINGS are available to every leisure related business, including:

Competitor Analysis


A great source of information for users seeking local information yet has no events listings, no control over which businesses are still trading and is difficult to navigate the site to find what you want, close to your current position or where you plan to visit.


The worlds largest social media site offering more services every day, even now offering events listings and some local promotion tools, but still not geographically focused so site users cannot find local information based upon actual location or where users are planning to visit.

 21 Million members on this large global events website, yet it does not show any events where tickets are not sold as it only earns money from the sale of tickets, therefore users cannot find free events in bars, restaurants and hotels or open ticket free festivals.

  •  Free to use, register, list events and update information
  • Easy to find local, regional, national and international information
  • Up to the minute event information, not limited to paid for advertising
  • Constantly updated local information kept live by users, businesses and WOWmundo’s network of Local Experts & Guides
  • WOWdeals available to save our users money and promote local business
  • WOWmundo.TV to broadcast local gigs, performances and events to the world via the internet both Live and archived for users to search at any time
  • printed magazines distributed locally each month to compliment the websites and provide an advertising opportunity for local businesses to promote offers, deals and events

Great for Families

Finding places to go and things to do where kids and families can create the great memories that build amazing childhoods, give parents a break from all the hard work and make tourists book again for next year

Great for a night out with friends

Finding places to go and things to do where kids and families can create the great memories that build amazing childhoods, give parents a break from all the hard work and make tourists book again for next year

Managed Promotion Services

Our promotions team will keep your WOWmundo page up to date, list events and deals for you and contact you every month to ensure your site and facebook  listings are kept live and accurate at all times so your offers, events and deals are always available for potential customers

Regional & National Advertising

Unlike local press, radio and magazines, larger businesses or those with a wider target audience can promote businesses regionally and nationally on the range of media, including our smaller local sites. printed magazines, online event sites and on our new internet TV channel.

The potential for you to promote events, brands, offers and exclusive deals is almost limitless and as we grow our footprint so do we increase the opportunities to promote your business.

Banner advertising Opportunities

If you want to promote your brand or have a message to send to our site users, a great offer or even an exclusive deal for our site users, talk to your local account executive about the options available.

In your first year with us you receive some crazy deals on banner and Box advertising throughout the site. Repeat advertisers also benefit from great loyalty bonuses in the form of extra banners and boxes free with every renewal.

Local Sponsors

Each Local site has one local sponsor who benefits from being on the printed paperwork, posters, cards in addition to the online marketing of the site.

BWS drinks distribution have sponsored and many sites throughout the Costa del Sol of Spain, however there are many thousands of franchise areas & sponsorships yet to be agreed so you still have the opportunity

Bringing all the WOWlocal sites together so you can always find what you are looking for from anywhere in the world.

We are busy building an application for mobiles and tablets to make it even easier for customers to find your business at the touch of a button.


Free Business Listing

Owners and managers can register and list businesses Free of Charge FOREVER with No Risk of ever being asked to cough up cash to stay listed and you can change your details, images, promo videos and descriptive text any time of day from any device.

Get a great deal of exposure for your business without paying a penny, unless you want us to build and maintain your WOW pages for you which carries a small cost.

Creating and updating your profile is simple and takes no time so almost any owner / manager can successfully manage it.

Free Event Listing

Everyone can list an event, from a birthday party to an arts & crafts fair on without a single penny in charges

Pay nothing to promote your own gig or performance as an venue or entertainer, and you can control the images, videos and updates whilst sharing the event with friends on facebook or’s own social media site where fans can follow your events, send messages and videos to other friends inviting them to come and join the fun.

Facebook Groups

WOWmundo has a great network of local events “groups” on Facebook where you can post and share events in your town or use them to check out what’s going on elsewhere in the world.

Obviously these are free to use as they are provided by facebook  but we update them and monitor the groups so that they continue to be informative and provide a service unlike almost all other “What’s On” groups on the network who are created by people who often lose interest after a while and the group closes

Local Adverts

Featured Business

Each major category of interest to our site users has a page featuring a limited number of places and businesses so the member sees these businesses first before searching through all of the businesses and places in that category, such as Music Bars, Restaurants or Fashion Retailers.

You can place your business in this prime location for only:

€50 per month or €500 p.a. (pre paid)

during your first year enjoying a
50% discount for 12 months

Banner Adverts

Banner advertisements on the featured business pages are the key location to promote your brand or special offer and can be booked for a month or for years in advance to suit your budget and business goals.

Placed above all other businesses in your category and limited to 3 banners in rotation this position affords you the first opportunity to wow your potential customers

€100 / month or €995 p.a. (pre-paid)

during your first year enjoying a
50% discount for 12 months

Multiple Positions

Some businesses can benefit from being featured in multiple categories, such as La Sala Restaurant in Marbella which is not only an amazing fine dining restaurant but also a great music venue with Top Quality acts performing to diners and other guests 7 nights a week.

For these businesses we offer a further 50% Off all subsequent categories where the same business is featured or places a banner advertisement Monthly Magazines

Monthly Magazine

The monthly magazines are published both online and in printed form and distributed through retailers, bars, Hotels, Gymnasium and waiting rooms throughout each area where we have a footprint to support the local and global websites, reaching people who have not yet fallen in love with the convenience of the digital world but also to publish up to date editorials and features in a magazine format so many people do still love.

The advertising rates for these magazines vary by area as do the distribution figures

Advertising Rates

Speak to your area’s Local expert or Sales executive about planning a campaign that involves bot printed media and the online promotions using WOWmundo and our local websites as we immediately give 50% discount off rate card to businesses featured or advertising on the websites.

This is done so that the larger national and international brands pay double that of local small and medium sized businesses who will benefit from the greater distribution numbers these large advertisers require but without the costs.

Tourist Map Guides

Published separately from the monthly magazines we are producing annual numbers of Map Guides to direct visitors to leisure and tourism related venues using a pull out printed map sold through newsagents and hotels where we have a footprint.

These provide another great opportunity to promote your tourism related business to the very customers you want at a very low cost as the production run is subsidised by the sales revenue leaving advertisers to pay for only the initial free distribution and sales income to pay for thousands more customers seeing your ads.

WOWmundo.TV Internet Channel

What Is It?

WOWmundo TV is unique in that wants to help promote local venues and performers by broadcasting live and archived recordings of live music, local events, festivals, parties and all forms of fun so that the public can see what they have missed and make sure they don’t miss out on these great times again.

We are creating our own shows and also featuring links to public uploads on youtube about each local venue and performer or group.

Benefit to business?

Our aim is for both venues and performers to benefit through exposure to a wider audience whilst promoting our websites and printed media through unique TV shows that the public has never seen before due to the lack of profit in such recordings.

As part of WOWmundo’s global roll out we do not seek profit from the TV channel so we can produce shows that other TV companies cannot.

Production Fees?

Venues will be approached by our producers and crews to film certain events Free of Charge as we build up our library of raw footage & own style of shows.

If you want your venue to have a show produced there before we get around to asking you, or to have a promotional video produced for your business, then speak to your Local sales executive about fees and time frames.

The Team

The Local Expert
(007 in shorts)

Our own secret agent is tasked with finding out What’s On Where in Benalmadena and building relationships with all our great bars, restaurants, music venues, attractions in addition to the local tourism office to keep abreast of all events for both residents and tourists.

Often our “Local Experts” will also discuss advertising  and event promotion opportunities with local businesses but the prime task is to ensure our site members and users have the most accurate and up to date information available to make an informed choice about using their valuable leisure time.

Sales Executive
(Ms. MoneyPenny)

Charged with the less glamorous task of generating revenues and making your advertising budget spread as far as possible, our sales executive / promotions manager ensures that we achieve our targets so that you can be sure of and WOWmundo serving your business with new customers for years to come.

The role has a duty of care towards you, our advertisers and network partners to ensure that our system works for your business and generates a profitable ROI so we can continue to grow together

Social Media Manager
(Q in a dress)

Hidden away in behind computer screens, telephones and iPads, our own “Q” ensures that the sites are up to date with events, offers, exclusive deals and an ever growing number of members joining the sites from all over the world.

She is also tasked with constantly updating and promoting the facebook group and social media pages for WOWbenalmadena so that our users and advertisers benefit from the massive exposure through  facebook, youtube, twitter and instagram.

The WOWmundo Team

Development Team

Our development team have worked for more than 2 years to create a unique and highly functional piece of technology designed specifically to serve the needs of the entertainment business and the public who rely on you for a great time.

Based in both Spain and the UK we have the world at our feet right now as we work even harder to create more ways to bring those people looking to turn spare time into a great time together with the entertainers and businesses that can make that happen all over the world.

Sales & Marketing

We have our work cut out for us recruiting, training and motivating 16,500 franchisee Local Experts and over 15,000 sales executives from countries all over the world to bring the revenues and expertise together to ensure wherever people travel throughout this planet they can use websites, applications and publications to find exactly the type and quality of experience they are seeking.

Only through integrity, honesty and dedication to making the system work for all parties can we succeed and that is our goal.

Franchise Support

Franchisee Local experts are the key to our success, without whom we would never track ALL the events, gigs, shows and performances available in any town due to the diverse management and marketing methods used by venues and performers. Some are too busy to promote their own events, some are misguided by media salesmen, some are just plain dumb, but through relationships built by our network of Local experts and totally FREE listings facility we can ensure we have the information your customers want, when they want it.

What to do now to improve trade?

Register & Create Listing for your business

It’s FREE and EASY to register yourself and your business today, or we can do it all for you at a small cost of €25. You can link to Tripadvisor, Facebook, Youtube, your Web Site and upload offers, images and videos at zero cost.

Discuss the benefits of advertising with WOW

Just like Facebook and Google, we are funded by advertising so we love it when you place an advert, but our job is ensure this media works for your business so we’re offering 50% OFF your first year marketing spend with us.

Keep using the site to list your offers and events

It will always be FREE to be listed on and and to promote your events online so if your have a bar or restaurant or hotel with music then keep promoting your great experiences here at no cost.